Trivium - Vengeance Falls

Trivium Vengeance Falls cover
Vengeance Falls
Roadrunner Records
Let’s make things clear from the very first sentence. You are either into this band and like ‘em (with all their ups and downs) or you are not so you obviously do not get all this hype about them and you ignore them. I didn’t manage to like this band since its beginning. Going to their 14th year of existence nothing can make me change my mind. Their metalcore, groove metal (a bit wannabe Metallica riff-like) with the modern post-grunge vocals (ala Nickelback & Distrurbed) had always been too much & over the top for my liking.
Certainly Trivium are not heavy metal nor thrash metal as some were trying to state back in the mid-00s. They’re too modern to be called a heavy or thrash metal band. Surely, they helped that metalcore shit grow over the years and unfortunately a whole generation was raised with their albums believing that this is the heavy metal music of the 00s! How dreadful is that huh?!!
Their new album which is entitled “Vengeance Falls” is nothing more than the same old Truvium. Insipid melodies, boring riffs, copy-paste solos (from the big 80s metal bands), a few “extreme metal” passages along with gay-like vocals. The production is big though and it was done by David Draiman (Disturbed, Device). Frankly, “Vengeance Falls” ain’t a terrible album but it’s so generic and uninspired that leaves you with nothing after a couple of listens. Nothing memorable. It’s your everyday metal band that plays in the same style and nothing ever happens. I know that Trivium will be praised by all the big magz webzines (which are paid by the review) but as soon as they stop bringing money on their label’s cash desk then they will hit the road in no time…