Tristana - Virtual Crime

Tristana Virtual Crime cover
Virtual Crime
Bakerteam Records
Seriously, do not confuse this Slovak bunch with the Norwegian guys, because of the subtle, name difference. They seemingly started out as a power metal formation and in some twenty two years since their conception have only managed some three albums after several demos in Slovak. I have never heard of them before, but on “Virtual Crime” the band is trying to evolve in something that has a lot of modern influences, a pseudo death, gothic, power metal combo, with fairly accomplished players, a mediocre singer, who seems to be a little range challenged, who however sings over some quite decent melody lines…
There is little variation in the eleven tracks of this album, which might appeal to fans of Crematory in their current, electro/experimental phase... or similar bands. In general, this genre defiance tends to only bear fruit when the songs are really inspired. Tristana don’t score too badly here, but the vocals are the weakest link, thus considerably taking the band down, with them. Maybe I’d find them more likeable with a different singer… who knows...