Tremonti - A Dying Machine

Tremonti A Dying Machine cover
A Dying Machine
Napalm Records
Recently Mark Tremonti released his fourth solo album “A Dying Machine”. For fans of his other band Alter Bridge and those that have listened to his solo work, you have a good idea what you’re in for. For those that aren’t familiar with him, this is a hell of an entry point into the world that Mark Tremonti has created for himself, as this is to date his most ambitious effort. Unlike the rest of his catalog, this is a concept album, and an accompanying book is in the works as well.
The opening track “Bringer of War” has an almost militaristic feel to it in the opening seconds with the strumming of the guitar and the drum work. When the rest of the song kicks into gear it becomes an all out musical assault.
If you think you are going to get a breather with the next song “From the Sky” you will be mistaken. Mark and the rest of the band keep it in high gear throughout the song. This track switches breathlessly from doom filled lyrics to beautiful soaring harmonies.
With the third song “A Dying Machine” if you didn’t know this was a concept album, this is the track that lets you know this is not just a collection of songs, but there is a story woven into this album.
While the first three songs have an ominous and dark feel to them, “Trust” changes that. I can easily see this well-crafted song becoming a hit single.
When you get to “Traipse”, you really get to hear the amazing range of Mark Tremonti’s guitar playing. From the delicate acoustic intro, to the churning power chords, and of course the fiery solo that would make lesser guitar players want to sell their axes.
If there is one track on the album that screams I’m a made for radio hit is “The First the Last”. This rock ballad with an edge to it would be a stand out on any record. I know I’ve been guilty of hitting repeat just, so I can keep listening to this masterfully crated song.
The album switches back to a heavier feel with tracks like “A Lot Like Sin” and “The Day When Legions Burned”.
When the song “Take You with Me” hits, you’ve come to another song that could easily be another a top hit for Mark Tremonti. With a catchy chorus, a killer hook, and of course his trademark guitar playing I think you’ll agree this rocker of a song will make to everyone’s playlist.
The closing song, “Found”, is a haunting instrumental that starts out in a delicate fashion and slowly builds throughout and finishes in a bone crushing manor.
In typical Mark Tremonti fashion, the guitar work is outstanding. There is a reason why he is considered one of the great guitar players these days. But what people underestimate is his songwriting. This album should help change that. The songwriting is on par with the musicianship, and that is outstanding. Every track could easily be a stand alone hit and as an album it flows really well. It is a brave undertaking attempting a concept album and Tremonti has succeeded in carving out his vision. I’m sure that when the accompanying book that Mark is working on hits the stands, fans will be digging into the book and connecting the dots on the story that has been created. Until the book becomes available, all you need to do is just listen to and enjoy “A Dying Machine”, for it is a great album that Mark Tremonti has created.