The Treatment - Generation Me

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The Treatment
Generation Me
Frontiers Music Srl
Ha, see, I always thought that The Treatment were a very mediocre band and despite the fact that they were given a major push by signing to the company owned by a mag, which owns all the opinion making rock publications in the UK that often fucks bands up based on their “editorial decisions” to only feature really big names or stuff that certain publicists send them and to exclude others and through them they managed to tour with bands that they would otherwise never would have toured with…. they never really managed to have much to show, for all of that, producing two quite boring albums with only a couple of decent tracks each. Until now that is.
Exit the singer and one of the guitarists and enter two new guys and a jolt of energy has really hit the treatment who now cured of their ailment are finally releasing a “pretty good album”, with songs like “Let It Begin”, “Cry Tough” and “The Devil” having the chutzpah, they should and the softer stuff like the quasi-ballad “Backseat Heartbeat” coming on like a weird mix between Thunder and a wimpier Alter Bridge. As an album it could probably appeal to a wide audience, both older and younger rockers, who don’t mind a bit of melody with their crunchy pops.