Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope

Transatlantic Kaleidoscope cover
InsideOut Music
It was 5 years ago when we last heard any new music from these guys. Leaving aside all of the other bands & projects, they meet up again in order to record and write some new tracks. There’s one major question hanging over our heads regarding “Kaleidoscope”. How can a non prog freak stand too much prog rock music?
Without taking any personal preferences under consideration, we must admit that the guys are great musicians and very professionals. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that “Kaleidoscope” doesn’t sound like a long improvisation on behalf of the members. Especially, the opening track “Into the Blue” and the last homonymous one are kinda tiresome after a certain point. There is no need to make such long tracks (around 25 & 30 minutes) if you actually have nothing good to say. Better stay on shorter and more memorable ones.
For instance, “Shine” is indeed a great song. It seems that it has been given the apt care on the songwriting part. “Beyond the Sun” is also good even if it is quite laid-back. Hence, why aren’t there any other tracks like it on the album? Anyhow, the production is awesome as well as all the performances. What does leave much to be desired is the songwriting which is bland and uninteresting at times. I guess that’s the price to pay when you never stop playing in so many bands/projects so as to gather strength and get inspired at large.
The special edition of the album features a second CD where Transatlantic covers songs from Yes, ELO, Procol Harum, Elton John, Small Faces, Focus, King Crimson & The Moody Blues. Those bands have influenced them as musicians so paying a tribute to them is the least they can do. In truth to be told, the covers are nowhere near the original ones, just to let you know.