Tower Of Babel - Lake of Fire

Tower Of Babel Lake of Fire cover
Tower Of Babel
Lake of Fire
Lion Music
Tower Of Babel is a new project that consists of vocalist Csaba Zvekan (Exorcism, Metal  Machine, Raven Lord), guitarist Joe Stump (Holyhell, Reign Of Terror, Raven Lord), bassist Nicola Angileri (Exorcism, Jorn ), keyboardist Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project, Rob Rock), and drummer Mark Cross (ex-Outloud, ex-Firewind).
You can bet your bottom dollar (or Euro, or Yen) that this will likely be a) probably short-lived, b) sound a lot like Yngwie/Dio/Rainbow of sorts with Stumps wild histrionics over the top. And that it does… from the opener “Dragonslayer” that has a line and I quote about “Killing the Dragon”, as well as references to wizards and black “Rainbows”; things are rather clear, although the song mostly has an 80s Malmsteen sort of aura about it. “It’s Only Rock N Roll” copies the “Down to Earth” style of more glamorous Rainbow, with some hints of the successive JLT era thrown in too for good measure. “Gates of Babylon”, sorry I meant the title track “Lake of Fire” pretty much rips of everything but the neat solo from the original, which is a shame, get the job done properly… things proceed in the same fashion onward with minuscule specks and shreds of originality and lots of shredding, wherever that’s possible…
Zvekan is actually pretty consistent on the album, which is a little surprising, judging from past performances, but he seems to have become a more solid vocalist in recent times and he seems to be the glue that seems to hold this “Blackmore Plagiarists United” sort of thing together.
Not original, by a long shot, but not as terrible as to be cast in a lake of fire either… Purgatory then.