Tony Mills - Streets of Chance

Tony Mills Streets of Chance cover
Tony Mills
Streets of Chance
Battlegod Productions
One of the most characteristic voices in the melodic rock/hard rock scene returns with a new studio work three years after “Over My Dead Body”. Tony needs no further presentation concerning his music career so far… and I do not think that there’s any rock/hard rock fan that doen’t know him. Tony has made a name for himself since the 80s when he was in Shy and released some truly significant albums. Later, in the second part of 00s, he became the singer of TNT… but all these do not really matter, cuz here we’re talking about his new solo work.
Tony has gathered some good friends of his and well-known musicians to back him up on this release. So, we have Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger) on lead guitar, Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley) on lead & rhythm guitar and keyboards, Robby Boebel (Frontline, Evidence One, State of Rock) on lead & rhythm guitar and keyboards, Neil Frazer (Rage Of Angels, Ten) on lead guitar, Pete Fry (Talon, FarCry) on rhythm guitar, Toine Vanderlinden (Martyr, Rebelstar Rock) on bass, Linda Mills (Dolls of Disaster) on bass, Eric Ragno (The Babys, Joe Lynne Turner, China Blue) on keyboards and Pete Newdeck ((Tainted Nation, Blood Red Saints, The Shock) on drums. The latter, Pete, also mixed and produced the album. The mastering was done by the eminent Harry Hess. The album has a dynamic and full sound on the whole.
Musically, “Streets of Chance” showcases Tony’s melodic rock/ AOR with hard rock references side which all his long-time fans and not only will appreciate and fancy once more. Fine tracks, with melodic choruses, great musicianship and amazing vocals… I think that’s exactly what the melodic rock/AOR fans are looking for.