Tohpati Bertiga - Riot

Tohpati Bertiga Riot cover
Tohpati Bertiga
Moonjune Records
This is one of those strange & demanding releases that come to Grande Rock every so often. It’s the actual nature of the specific music that makes it challenging & not so easy listening.
Tohpati Bertiga is a music project which consists of the Indonesian guitarist Tohpati Ario Hutomo (simakDialog), who also plays the synth here, the bassist Ndro Hardjodikoro & the drummer Bowo. Enjoying the creative freedom that prog rock, jazz, funk, fusion & instrumental music gives to its artists, they take the music to another level with improvisations and experimentations throughout the album. The album was recorded live in Sparkling studio-quality fidelity, while there are a few overdubs here and there.
The amazing performances, the “weird” rhythms, the change of tempos & the terrific soloing are enough to make musicians of all genres pay their respects & thoroughly listen to this skillful trio. The album was recorded by Irwan, at Artsound, Jakarta, Indonesia, mixed by Eko Sulistyo, mastered by G. Temmy & produced by Tohpati himself. The sound is clear & has a lively vibe, thing which is obvious if we recall that it was recorded live. It’s hard not to find this album interesting in the least… especially if you’re an artist or musician yourself.