Tilt - Hinterland

Tilt Hinterland cover
Independent Release
Tilt is a band comprised of Robin Boult, David Stewart & Steve Vantsis, basically all of them coming from Fish’s (ex-Marillion) touring band these days, plus Paul Humphreys on guitars and PJ Dourley, who does a commendable enough job, without attempting to copy any one on vocals and a couple of guests from It Bites.
Their debut effort is in a way prog oriented, but not the sort of flashy, virtuosic stuff, but more the heady, hypnotic and at times dark sort that is rather popular these days with a big fraction of people. There’s a depressive/melancholic atmosphere on some of the tracks, roughly half of them as well as some lighter, more standard rock moments that don’t disrupt the flow, but due to the length of the tracks, this is hardly “easy” listening. Although a song like “Bloodline”, for instance, is a little catchier, than your average track to be found on the album… like the largely keyboard laden, book-ending “assembly”/“disassembly” bipole. Other notable tracks include the title one and the somewhat brighter sounding but completely de-tached “Growing Colder”, an urban hymn to social dysfunction.
If your taste in prog includes a lot of “softer”, emotional, smooth exercises, this is likely to sit rather well with you.