Tigertailz - Blast

Tigertailz Blast cover
TT Records
The story of Tigertailz is a weird one, after all how many other Welsh Glam bands are you aware of? Thought so.
Now through trials and tribulations the band has survived in one way or another and even Pepsi Tate’s a while ago hasn’t stopped these glamaniacs from procuring new members and having a go at it again, all cheap n nasty… as they should be…
With only Jay Pepper being an original member, well this is a whole new band in reality, but the style is more or less faithful to the bands style with maybe the vocals being a bit more “rounded” for lack of a better word… the songs exhibit a care-free, bubblegum sort of mood with thacks like “Pipped It Popped It” (a video/single) or “Bop Bop You” and somewhat more rocking affairs like the party minded opener “Just for One Night”
This ain’t no berserk, but given all the ups and mostly the downs the band had to deal, the band’s continued existence and even this album are a testament to their determination.