Tiebreaker - Death Tunes

Tiebreaker Death Tunes cover
Death Tunes
Karisma Records
I do remember these dudes from Norway when I reviewed their debut album last year. I wrote on their debut review that their second album will show the way… and here we are with “Death Tunes”.
Tiebreaker are presenting an amalgam of 70s heavy rock, classic rock, hard rock & blues rock music on the whole. They have the fortune to be fronted by Thomas Espeland Karlsen, who has a great raspy bluesy voice that makes the final outcome sound more appealing. Other than that, the other guys, Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad on guitars, Patrick Andersson on bass and Pål Gunnar Dale on drums, seem to make a nice team where everyone has their role but they are all longing for the same thing… to play heavy rockin’ music with passion and soul. The production is powerful & rockin’ without sounding “retro”.
Undoubtedly, Tiebreaker are on the right way. With their second release they show that they are not just following trends but they are into this kind of music 100%. I’d like them to add a few more melodies in their songs and go for the “melodic side” of classic rock, hard rock & blues rock music, cuz I think they can do it and it will help them become more known not only among the European fans but also among the US ones. Then again, the future will show the way and their third release will be like a “barometer” for the band’s future…