Thunderstone - Apocalypse Again

Thunderstone Apocalypse Again cover
Apocalypse Again
AFM Records
Thunderstone have almost always lived in the shadow of Stratovarius, a decently competent Euro-Power Metal band, with a bit of bite that had the good fortune to employ good vocalists, such as their original and returning Pasi Rantanen, as well as Rick Altzi, who they lost to Masterplan. They do sound an awful lot like a cross between the two aforementioned power metal powerhouses and are more interesting than say, crappier exponents of the style like the super auto-tuned Sonata – I could not sing more than four meters without the need of a tuning – Antarctica…
The style of Thundersone has some mild symphonic aspirations that they don’t take to heart however, quite thankful, because I’m uncertain, if they could pull those off, if they really went for it, but their many years on the scene guarantee them a certain degree of confidence. Even if “Apocalypse Again” isn’t their best effort, some like “Veterans of the Apocalypse”, “Through the Pain”, “Higher” and “Days o Our Lives” manage to keep things while not fresh, decently interesting.
It’s not the album that would really set Thunderstone apart in the power metal scene, but it’s definitely one that should help them easily keep their momentum and impetus going. Worth adding to your collection if you’re a fan, decent if you like the genre and better than the past few Strato n ‘Plan albums in all honesty…