Thunder - Wonder Days

Thunder Wonder Days cover
Wonder Days
Thankfully, Thunder didn’t quit as rumors had it some years ago and they are back with a brand new album. I have always been a huge Thunder fan and even though I might be a bit biased when it comes to this band, I’ll try to be as much objective as I can be.
Six years is a long hiatus for Thunder but as I said earlier, it’s better to have a new album every once in a while than never again. This album also marks the absence of the rhythm guitarist Ben Matthews from the recording sessions due to his cancer problem. He has fully recovered now so I wish him good health from now on. The production of the album has been taken care of by Luke Morley himself. He’s the right guy to know how Thunder should sound after all these years. The album was mixed by the renowned Mike Fraser, ( Aerosmith, AC/DC, Metallica etc.), who had also worked on Thunder’s debut “Back Street Symphony” back in 1990! The production is great, rockin’ and powerful in every part.
If you’re wondering how “Wonder Days” sounds, then the answer is simple… it sounds like Thunder. Nothin’ more nothin’ less. Danny Bowes sounds as great as always and I have to point out that electric rockin’ energy which permeates every track. It’s like the guys are in their 30s again or what?!! “Wonder Days” will not disappoint any of the band’s loyal fans cuz there’s a solid music quality throughout the album. It may not be near (my beloved) “Roberth Johnson’s Tombstone”, but let’s be frank – that album was the best Thunder release in the 00s! “Wonder Days” has some great doses of that bluesy, hard rock & roll music which characterizes Thunder… so better unwind and bask in it…