Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus

Three Days Grace Transit of Venus cover
Three Days Grace
Transit of Venus
Well, it’s a common thing to see commercial successful pop-rock, post-grunge, alternative bands to alternate their sound a bit in a desperate try to experiment. Why’s that? Probably cuz’ they got tired of playing the same three chord riffs with plain melodies and sell thousand copies?! Hmm, they are artists (at least some of them) so they have an excuse on that… don’t they?
Following the same recipe, Three Days Grace tried to experiment in this album just by adding some “electronic” features to their sound. Don’t you worry… for the new elements haven’t affected the band’s sound that much as some say or the band wants to believe, eventually. They didn’t go over-the-top in any way. The album was produced by Don Gilmore and recorded at Revolution Studios in Toronto. The production is first-rate as always.
I’m just wondering if this is what they call experimentation then bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, Jethro Tull & many others would not have been under that category. Is experimentation adding a couple of new elements to your music that affect the final outcome a bit? Probably that is how it goes for them. In my book, the word experimentation has a totally diverse meaning. Anyhow, I didn’t expect from a band like Three Days Grace to change the simple, commercial formula of producing music… but trying to be or wannabe something else than what you are ain’t good for anyone. Without any significant variations “Transit of Venus” is like the band’s previous works but with rather less memorable moments. Of course, this kind of music is mostly favorable by teenagers but that’s another story. A couple of songs have the potential to become “hits” but that’s all… the rest lies in mediocrity at best. Ahh, the cover to Michael Jacksons’ “Give in to Me” is just bland…