Thought Chamber - Psykerion

Thought Chamber Psykerion cover
Thought Chamber
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“Psykerion” is the second album for the progressive rock band Thought Chamber. This is by far the best work by guitarist-composer Michael Harris who has written all the music and lyrics. The raw material of this record (as it usually happens with every project of this genius artist) is made of pure gold. But beyond this, the rest of his band is so perfectly adapted to his music and vision that the final result has been transformed into a collective band’s effort full of superb performances.
There are still two more elements that push this album towards the stars. The first is the inspired mixing and mastering by Tom Size (Aerosmith, Enchant, Paul Gilbert, Mr. Big, Racer X, Tyketto, Y&T, etc.) who gave absolutely the right color and balance to a concept album like this one. Just forget all the latest recordings and productions that are deliberately optimized to be listened through MP3s and YouTube videos. It reminded me of the good old days, when listening to music was a delightful event and most of the people who loved music had a suitable hi-fi system…
The second surprise is the amazing artwork and illustration from John E. Holland. There is a 16 page booklet that truly enriches the whole story and creates the appropriate mood to the listener.
Musically speaking, this effort is every band’s dream. It combines the excitement and energy of a new band with the deep knowledge and respect for what has been accomplished in the past by all the legacy progressive rock groups. Here we are at the top of Mount Olympus! Time flows in a different way up there and this happens in this album as well. You cannot find any of the usual & commercial clichés that rule almost all of the “successful” and well established rock/metal (progressive or not) bands of today.
I regard this album as a rare gem, an unexpected gift to all the good music lovers. It’s very easy for anyone to follow Avakus on his cosmic journey, which is full of surprises, challenges and deep esoteric moments. The story unfolds progressively in a very harmonic way, and the complexity of the music is a weapon in the hands of a wise maker. Michael Harris speaks the musical language so fluently that makes the most complex things look so simple and elegant. Like universe’s and nature’s diversity that appears to all of us, so obvious and beautiful…