Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Light

Therapy? A Brief Crack of Light cover
A Brief Crack of Light
Blast Records
Although, the golden days of alternative rock/grunge music have long gone… and are never coming back, this Irish trio managed to survive somehow. Obviously, this ain’t the mid-90s anymore, when they ruled the airwaves and the charts… so they have learned the hard way that things are not so easy in the music business anymore… as they’ve seen their sales decreasing rapidly through the years.
I had never been a fan of the band, neither I believe they have offered something to rock music in general… even though, they were famous for a certain time back in the 90s. I lost them during the 00’s… but that doesn’t mean they stopped releasing music and giving a series of live concerts.
Lamentably, I wasted my time listening to “A Brief Crack of Light”… thinking at first, that was gonna be a listenable work at least. Poor me… I should have known better judging by the silly cover! This album is so bad, that the word “bad” cannot describe it! I will buy a juicy burger to the first one who bears to hear it two times in a row… I just gave up in the end! Imagine, that there are some guys that can somehow play their instruments and they also believe they can write down a bunch of songs while having neither inspiration nor the potential to do so. That’s the case here. Awful music with no beginning or end… without any kind of consistency… no melodies at all… just plain/childish themes here and there along with disregard vocals. The production is OK at times… when this terrible trash can-like snare is not heard... a thing that makes the overall result even poorer! I, honestly, thought that after Lars nobody would ever make his snare sound like a rubbish bin… obviously, I was wrong!
I pity those guys who will buy this wannabe music work and I do believe that they’re gonna forget all about it in a couple of months… leaving it gathering dust in the corner… so much dust, till it’s forgotten by time & space! Despite it’s still very early in time… I consider this album so appalling, that no other can surpass it till the end of this year… Perhaps, I just found the worst album of 2012… what a relief!