Therapy? - Disquiet

Therapy? Disquiet cover
Amazing Record Co.
That was a bit weird. I was expecting something more or less like their previous album “A Brief Crack of Light”, which gained a place among the worst albums of 2012 on Grande Rock, but I was proven wrong.
Not that “Disquiet” is the brilliant album that most of the paid media say… not even close but it’s listenable either way you see it. It has some OK moments but still it lacks the big hooks (not that they ever got some), the melodies, the performances (all are average and by the book) and the powerful & fresh production. The album was produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Band of Skulls, Turbowolf) along with the band but the final result, without being bad or anything, could have been way better. Especially the snare sounds like that tincan that Lars has been using since his “St. Anger” days. It doesn’t sound so firggin annoying like Lars’ but in a prof production you should not have such weak drum parts. Moreover, the cover art is repelling. This ain’t “art” in my book… this is repulsive in any way.
Yeah “Disquiet” is a bit heavier than the band’s last attempts. It may have some elements closer to their finest works of the 90s, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Therapy? were never so great a band, neither were they worthy of the success they had back in the day but that’s a whole different story. The majority of the media have already praised the album and the fans seem to like it… beauty lies in the eye of the beholder… I still cannot find a reason why they became successful even in their prime…