The Wild! - Wild at Heart

The Wild! Wild at Heart cover
The Wild!
Wild at Heart
The Canadian rockers The Wild! have been in the scene for about 5 years and after the release of their debut EP “GxDxWxB” two years ago, they return with their first full-length album “Wild at Heart”.
The band picks up from where they left with their EP… dirty hard rock & roll music mostly influenced by AC/DC, Krokus, Rose Tattoo, The Answer and so on. The guys play loud and they make quite a fuzz too. They do know that rock & roll music is about being free and playing from the heart and that’s exactly what they do here. I have listened to various bands that are influenced by the aforementioned acts and I have to say that The Wild! are not trying to be anyone’s clone and that’s the good part with them. Let’s hope they stay like this in the future as well.
The production is rockin’ and powerful, but that ain’t something to wonder about if you see that the album was produced by the renowned Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Airbourne, Aerosmith) at Armoury Studios in Vancouver. The album has some nice tracks, with the best being “Ready to Roll”, which displays the band’s impetus right away. “Wild at Heart” is a good debut album by a new band which knows what they want and how to get it in the first place…