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The Unity is a band mainly taking all but one of the guitarists of Love.Might.Kill, a band that put out a couple of albums through Massacre Recs in the past few years and was a bit more modern and melodic, going for a more power metal sound with the inclusion of Gamma Ray and sometimes Avantasian, Henjo Richter. Featuring the much traveled drummer Michael Ehre, who’s also in Gamma Ray currently.
Without really trying to reinvent the wheel, they seem to have a good chemistry in putting out a middle of the road power metal that’s up-to-date, not too “euro-power”, not too ridiculous, but neither terribly exciting either. The riffs are solid as expected, but not terribly memorable, and the Italian in the mix, Jan Manenti, is adequate and strays away from sounding over the top, which is a good thing, melodic and all and capable, but probably can’t do much more with the middle of the road material that he has at his disposal.
“No More Lies” stands out in a good way with its urgency… “Always Just You” for its melancholy and maybe “Killer Instinct” for some cool riffing. “Never Forget” fails to be the anthem that wants to be, even if it tries quite hard – sounding like a third rate Edguy song. The rest sounds like Mystic Prophecy’s early and not terribly exciting material. OK, but not too memorable.
Listening to the eponymous debut I was reminded why I love Dynazty so much, while The Unity are “compatible” in a way, the whole thing feels like Dynazty if you had sucked all life out of them… maybe some life can be breathed back into the band, otherwise I predict them to not last too long. Solid but not terribly exiting…