The Treatment - Power Crazy

The Treatment Power Crazy cover
The Treatment
Power Crazy
Frontiers Music srl
 The Treatment are a British hard rock band that was championed by the FP magazines, who went as far as putting them out on their own interest record label Power Age in an unheard act of Machiavellism and nepotism. They can’t have done too well, since that company is now defunct, despite the heaps of praise their debut received from the said media and their affiliates. Well fast forward a whole decade and three (not counting this one) albums later, the band is much improved after touring ceaselessly and on Frontiers.
The new album, “Power Crazy”, is reminiscent of the heavier moments of Thunder, with a good dose of AC/DC thrown in for good measure.
“Let’s Get Dirty” gets down and dirty, almost instantly, with a riff that might not be original, but with an energy that is pretty infectious.
Same pretty much stands for “Rising Power” although, here it’s almost all AC/DC, with a simple lead that could own its existence to a number of British bands.
“On the Money” kicks things a notch back, for a more boogie inspired romp, that’s still pretty enjoyable...
“Bite Back” is right on the money (excuse my pun)…
“Luck of the Draw” seems to be where their luck runs out, as this slower jam, just half arses through Bon territory, without sounding as convincing as its predecessors.
“Hang Them High” tries to restore faith and partially manages to do so, but still feels a notch lower than what the first quartet of songs feel like.
On “Scar with Her Name”, I half expected “Electric” era, Astbury vocals, as it channeled that era of The Cult pretty faithfully from guitars to the tambourine shakes.
“King of the City” is heavier, almost heavy metal like, despite its pre-chorus mellow bridges. Different, but not in a bad way… it just feels a little too different – out of place with the rest of the songs.
“Waiting for the Call” is again a slower jam and here, the quality dips another notch, to semi-filler territory.
“Laying It Down” goes back to AC/DC via Airbourne to the point where I am not sure if the lyrics of “Running Wild” would fit over it. Unoriginal is an overstatement.
“The Fighting Song” is probably the band themselves… not bad, but a far cry from something classic.
“Falling Down” keeps up with their AC/DC oogie boogie but maybe infuses some Thin Lizzy guitar lickage, through the cracks for a closer, that’s not half as bad… but not all that great either.
Japanese fans are privy to two acoustic takes, firstly of “Bite Back”, which seems to fall quite flat on its ass and “Let’s Get Dirty”, which is more thought out and sort of works better, but feels a bit lazy really.
Overall, the first album of The Treatment I could give half a tosh about, but that’s the problem… only half. Just like before the band is inconsistent, even within the duration of an album. At least this time their aping of older bands is top notch, at least halfway through the album…