The Spiritual Machines - Awake, Alert, Alive Almost

The Spiritual Machines Awake, Alert, Alive Almost cover
The Spiritual Machines
Awake, Alert, Alive Almost
Would Work Sound
The truth is that I had been looking forward to the second part of Evan’s music story that started with “Volunteer” in 2014. Then again, the composer knows better than us and needs time to complete his work. Patience is a virtue, they say, and that’s right in most of the cases.
“Awake, Alert, Alive Almost” or “4A” (as both Evan & I call it) is chapter 2 of the story that this time talks about the future when humans can exist outside their bodies and live forever in the cloud; the story is also centered around the idea that suffering will continue and explores a new kind of human condition. The lyrical concept is once again intriguing and gratefully so is the music. This time the music is more atmospheric, emotional and esoteric. Indeed this album will take you on a journey through your inner idiosyncratic cosmos. It will give you the chance to “travel” both into the future as well as in the past at the same time. It’s fascinating how emotive and expressive “4A” is.
“The Man Who Stole the World” is an astonishingly touching track that can easily be the new soundtrack for “The 100” TV series. I can certainly refer to each track from this album, but I did so for the aforementioned one, since it’s one of my most favorable ones for 2017. “Witnesses and Criminals”, “The Wreckoning”, “In the Next Life”, “The Man is Me”, “If I Strike First”, “Anyone Can Fly (Rise Up)”, “Never Let Me Down” are also astonishing. The album starts with an atmospheric cover on “Don’t Fear the Reaper pt.1”, then without changing the tempo goes to “Bubble” and returns to “Don’t Fear the Reaper pt.2”. These three tracks are like a “suite”. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is divided in two parts and it has been covered so “weirdly” that it is nowhere near the classic track.
The melodies and the hooks are wonderful on every track. James Grundler (Palo Alto, Goldenstate) has a remarkable voice and he’s a hell of a singer in general. This time Evan sang 5 tracks and his wife Lori 2. The orchestrations are great and so is the production which has been done by Evan.
“Awake, Alert, Alive Almost” is a release that won’t get much exposure by the “paid media” but that has nothing to do with its music quality. Don’t get fooled by the big advertised releases that you will forget after a while; better search for little music gems like this one that will never lose their music value, no matter what and “4A” is indeed a hidden music gem! Thank God that there are still musicians like Evan, who serves the Muse of music (Euterpe) by hook or by crook and has no limitations when it comes to music art…