Summers - 364

Summers 364 cover
Independent Release
It’s a mystery why some great bands of the 80s, like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue and so on, changed their style so much that in some cases it’s hard to believe that they were once on the top. Thankfully, there’s a new generation coming that was raised by listening to the aforementioned bands and got inspired by their attitude & style. Summers is one of those bands that brought in my mind the glorious 80s days from the very first moment I listened to their debut album.
This five-piece band from the UK, was formed in 2007. It may have taken them a while to release their debut work but I think it was for the best as they did it their way and without any hurry. The video for the amazing love song “Too Late” has been out since 2011 but that was like a taste for what was about to come. It took ‘em almost a year, as the title declares, to complete the album but the final outcome was excellent. The CD was recorded in Cyprus and produced by Clyde Ward (Eric Clapton, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, and George Michael), who has written/co-written a few tunes as well. The CD was mixed by Jens Klein in Germany and mastered by Pat Reese in the USA. It has a contemporary flavor and it’s fresh without sounding “retro” at all. I won’t even comment why this band is not on some label’s roster… I know what’s going on and why most labels choose to release rubbish instead of actually good albums.
Blending elements from Def Leppard (“Hysteria” & “Adrenalize”), Bon Jovi (“Slippery When Wet” & “New Jersey”), Blue Tears, Danger Danger & Motley Crue (a few) along with the contemporary and popier sound of 7th Heaven, Summers managed to make it right at long last. Crash, the vocalist, has a wonderful voice, close to Elliott’s… it’s one of those singers who can actually sing and has a notable voice. For as long there’s talent, then significant albums such as this will be around. And you know what… this is just the band’s first step… they can truly make it and I hope so. If you do love (80s) hard rock, melodic rock & AOR music then you have no excuse to miss this astonishing album…