The Suicide Kings - Generation Suicide

The Suicide Kings Generation Suicide cover
The Suicide Kings
Generation Suicide
Insane Menace Music
Apart from a pretty awesome film starring none other than Hollywood nutcase and great villain – but also awesome dancer – Christopher Walken, Suicide Kings, happen to be a streetwise, punk-rock meets metal band, which has been going on since 2005 and has released some three albums previous to this current one, suffering only minor personnel shuffles.
They draw influences from a broad spectrum of bands... citing The Misfits, Anthrax, Good Riddance, Bad Religion as influences and those roots are not far from the truth only they’re amalgamated in such a way that they’re no longer clearly distinguishable.
The album is just shy of being 30 minutes long and with 10 songs, you can pretty much do the math and figure out that hardly any song is going to be longer than 3 minutes (in fact only 2 are). Speeds are mid/fast and pretty damn fast and the band switches all the time between them. They’re not really reinventing the wheel and they’re not as charming as your average Bostonian HC combo or the best NY bands, or some of the UKs original punk greats, but they’re not tossers, I suppose to even have the gull to go for something quite “extreme” in the belly of the European beast, takes some determination.
Gerre, from Tankard, seems to be making a guest appearance on the title track, being pretty easily “spotted” by his rather different “vocal style” and delivery. Other than that the rather melodic “Suffer”, the fast-paced opener “In My Eyes”, the ferocious and I’m guessing quite ironic “We’re The Scum” and the rather uplifting “Passion and Life” seem to be the better picks of the bunch...
Pretty likable bunch of “Punks” even if they come from the land of “Wheelie Banks” oh well... we live in the land of incapable “traitorous C#nT$”, sorry, I meant to say politicians, who are successful in mortgaging an entire nation for pennies. Ah, fuck the politics enjoy the music!