Sturm Und Drang - Graduation Day

Sturm Und Drang Graduation Day cover
Sturm Und Drang
Graduation Day
Warner Music
Sturm Und Drang is a young Finnish band, formed in 2004. They have released three albums since then, including the newest work entitled “Graduation Day”. They have gained much popularity in their country and generally, in Scandinavia and Europe. They are selling more than satisfactorily, they have a major label behind them and they think they play hard rock/heavy metal music.
Wait a moment?! What did I just say? Hard rock? No way! Heavy metal? No fuckin’ way dudes! So what’s going on? The band is like it came out of a Eurovision contest! Believe it or not, they are that pop and cheesy. Rock music can’t be gayer than this… or can it? Just think of some “heavy” bands such as: The Rasmus, Tokio Hotel, Reflexion among others and you’ve got the whole picture of how hard & heavy their music is. Do they believe so? They probably do, as if you take a look at their official FB page you’ll see that the band’s major influences are: Judas Priest (!), Sonata Arctica (!), Stratovarius (!), Dream Theater (!) and other bands like those. Certainly, the aforementioned bands are aware of that… hope they are! I am either not getting something here or they’re in fact so heavy that I can’t stand them!! Who told them that they are a hard rock or even a metal band?! Definitely, Warner had always been a great supporter/promoter of hard rock & metal music all these years… why wouldn’t they help a newcomer, who’s playing truly hard & heavy music, get established huh?!! What the hell is wrong with the music world today?!!
I do not blame them for playing the music they play… thousands of bands/musicians out there are doing their shit no matter what… but those guys are to be blamed for making fun of people by telling them they play rock/metal while they don’t. That’s not only intolerable but it’s also a deception! This music is for the gay pop rock fans of Eurovision and for 15 year old girls that have the dream to become groupies to such “successful” groups in their life. I can’t see how a true rocker or a metalhead can stand this kind of cheesy, gay & plastic “pop-rock” music. Even their lead single “Molly the Murderer” is a rip off from Dima Bilan’s “Believe”, yeap, the guy who won the Eurovision Contest in 2008! What a coincidence huh!! There are also a couple of “harder tunes” here… but please don’t get me started! If you’re between 10 and 16 years old, then this shit is gonna rock you for good!!!