Stephen Duros - AEAEA

Stephen Duros AEAEA cover
Stephen Duros
Luminescent Records
Stephen Duros is a Greek-American flamenco guitarist. “AEAEA” is his new release (4th full-length), which deals with the mythological island, by the same name, found in the Greek poem “The Odyssey”. Stephen said that the album isn’t about that island per se but it’s mostly like a great starting point for his journey. I couldn’t have said it better! Stephen takes us on a long journey which consists of 12 chapters which are all connected together musically.
“AEAEA” is a musical amalgam of instrumental, classical, pop, reggae, jazz, new age, latin, Middle-East, folk, progressive, flamenco, symphonic, atmospheric & world music. Stephen plays the flamenco, the electric and bass guitars, the oud, the keyboards, the percussion, the palmas and has done the drum programming as well. They also have: Andrew Reissiger on the charango (who also co-produced the album along with Duros), Louis Romanos on drums and percussion, Gary Moser on riq and darbuka and Jeff Pierre on conga solo. There’s a special guest appearance by Nouveau Flamenco pioneer, Ottmar Liebert on the electric guitar solo. The production is crystal clear and full. The orchestrations are simply magnificent. Stephen has masterfully blended all these different music influences together.
“AEAEA” should be “experienced” as a journey into the music ocean… hence it needs total attentiveness, lots of time and repeated listens. Each time one plays the album, several new elements are waiting to be discovered by the listener. The wonderfully painted sound-scapes will accompany you for about 64 minutes… before you return to reality. Unfortunately, the journey ends there… but there’s no way not to repeat it again & again so as to find out your inner self and come closer to your catharsis! “AEAEA” is something more than just a well-crafted album… it’s an enchanting musical journey through atmospheric, intense, easy, harsh, dark & light places before you finally discover your personal Ithaki. “AEAEA” can be described as an artistic, imaginative and inspirational music gem… which addresses all the music lovers regardless of their personal taste in music. Do not let this “gem” slip your attention…