The Spiritual Machines - Volunteer

The Spiritual Machines Volunteer cover
The Spiritual Machines
Would Work Sound
In a future world, where humanity is supposed to have evolved vastly, death will only be exercised voluntarily. So, all humans will have the chance to live forever if they choose to do so. Healing will still be indispensable. Everything will be dependent on each one’s actions and decisions. In a few words, that’s the lyrical concept behind “Volunteer” which has been inspired by the writings of Ray Kurzweil. I know it’s quite intriguing and so is the music.
Let’s take things from the start though. The Spiritual Machines is the new project, the brainchild, of the well-known composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist Evan Frankfort (Les Friction). During the last two years Evan had been working on the music and the lyrical concept of this album. Along the way, Evan scored composed for the popular TV series “The 100”. The “Volunteer” is an amalgam of rock, pop-rock, rock, futuristic, melodic rock, symphonic rock and atmospheric music plus some orchestral & pompous touches ala Les Friction. Evan has played everything on the album and also did the production. The mastering was done by Brian Gardner. Needless to say, the final outcome is crystal, full and grandiose.
Furthermore, such an intense music work with such a stimulating lyrical concept needs a voice to add that little extra and take it off eventually! Here comes the vocalist James Grundler (Palo Alto, Goldenstate), and gives some amazing performances throughout the album. Evan has always had an ear for good voices and James’s voice is very expressive and overwhelming on the whole.
“Volunteer” is an utterly captivating, imposing, intriguing and essential album in every part. Each and every new listen enables the thorough/careful listener to “discover” new musical tricks & themes. That’s another little (important) detail which makes “Volunteer” completely challenging for the listener. The devotees of sci-fi, motivating, futuristic and artistic music should not miss the “Volunteer”…
Evan told me (you can read more on the interview he gave to GR) that he has just scratched the surface with the specific lyrical concept so I’m sure he’ll be back for more upon this subject in the future… let alone the new Les Friction album that’s on the way…