Sorcerer - In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross

Sorcerer In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross cover
In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
Metal Blade Records
Let’s be honest… the demos that John Perez, released in the mid-90s as, the sole, up to now, Sorcerer release, on his brainticket label, are considered a great “lost gem”, a release that easily measures up with the classic standards of the genre of epic doom metal.
Formed in the late 80s by Johnny Hagel (Tiamat, Sundown, Lithium), Tommy Karlsson and Peter Furulid. The singer Anders Engberg (Lion’s Share, Therion, 220 Volt) joined them together with a second guitarist Mats Liedholm in 1989. That year they recorded their first demo “Anno 1503”, which sold more than 1500 copies and the did play some shows locally the very next year. In 1992 they recorded their second demo which showcased a more mature sound and a higher level of musicianship. Both demos were very well received by the metal press all over the world and the reviews were amazing. Johnny Hagel left the band later in 1992 to join Tiamat. Sorcerer disbanded shortly after this and the members went their separate ways… until 2010 that is… with a somewhat altered line-up, as they were given the offer to play at the “Hammer of Doom” festival. Re-releases of the “demos” followed as well as a concert in Greece’s Up the Hammers. The band had to deal with some slight changes in their line-up as one of their newer members left to join Six Feet Under, but they made up the numbers by hauling in the guy from 220 Volt and continued working on a new “album” in essence their much delayed, proper “debut” hehe....
I will not even bother going into a “by track” critique of the marvelous doom jewel that “In the Shadow,,,” is… If you like Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus, Sorcerer’s debut, is simply every bit as good, as anything the Texans of the other Swedes, came up with in the last few releases. Get it “yesterday”. It will friggin melt your face and steal your soul! You have been warned! Doom on!