Solice - Genesis

Solice Genesis cover
Independent Release
Solice are going through their fifth year of existence and they have just released their second studio album entitled “Genesis”. The band mixes several modern styles and the driving force is the female singer Xtina, who has a nice voice – a bit reminiscent of Amy Lee at /times but nothing nowhere near her. The band seems to be influenced by bands like Korn, Evanescence, Halestorm, Slipknot, In This Moment, Bullet For My Valentine, Butcher Babies and so on. Their modern alternative metal is much more bearable when they do not use the “extreme” vocals and that’s something they should really take care of… Xtina sounds better when she sings normally.
Another thing that they should pay attention to is the production. “Genesis” has an “uneven” sound, not so “heavy” & “beefy” as it should be and a bit less powerful than the albums of the specific genre. It ain’t that easy to have a “prof” production these days; mostly “indie” bands fall in the trap of the “digital sound” and they end up sounding somewhat “plastic” & weak in the end. Anyone can be a production master these days but the final outcome is not as “massive” as they think.
Anyhow, Solice is a hard working band and they should keep it up like this. They should take care of several “basic” things when it comes to music if they wanna be competitive and take their chances in the “ocean” called “music business”.