Shy - Unfinished Business

Shy Unfinished Business cover
Unfinished Business
Who would believe that Shy would be back again after so many years with the original singer, Tony Mills, in the band again? Who said that hard rock music is not on the rise again? Only a fool can believe such a thing, especially after listening to Shy’s new comeback album! And for those who don’t know Shy, it’s better to stop dealing with rock/hard rock music. I can only say they are missing an important part of hard rock music and that’s a pity!
Let’s go to Shy’s brand new album now. It’s obvious from the very first listening that “Unfinished Business” is a complete album without any weaknesses. And of course, I would dare to say that it may be Shy’s best album to date, and one of the best hard rock albums of the last few years. The guys know how to play really good melodic hard rock music with attitude! Tony Mills sings with great passion and he is also giving lessons of how a good rock vocalist must sing! – just LISTEN! The production of the album is excellent and the album’s atmosphere may (sometimes) take you back to late 80’s.
The songs of the album are magnificent! I truly do not know where to start from! I will choose in random order instead! The song that opens the album, “Skydiving” is without doubt a truly melodic catchy rocker. Certainly, one the best songs of the album, in my humble opinion, is the heavy “Breakaway” that walks on a rope between hard rock and heavy metal music! “Heaven Tonight” is a very tasteful mid-ballad with a beautiful chorus and a very clever bridge. Also, the sentimental “Storyline” will surely touch you! I must not forget to refer to the wonderful and melodic “No Other Way”, which is perhaps the best song of the album. Maybe, it would be righter if I presented all the songs here but believe me, when you listen to this album then you will have no words to describe it!
Why are you still reading? I suggest the true fans of melodic rock and hard rock music get this album. It will be for their own best interest of course! It will be a pity if you miss such a superb release. Shy came back to claim what they deserve and they really touched our souls with this album. It’s time to support the band even if it’s kind of late. But remember: better late than never! Congrats Shy!!!