Seventh Veil - White Trash Attitude

Seventh Veil
White Trash Attitude
Street Symphonies
Seventh Veil are a hard rock band from Verona ,Italy which started out in 2011. “White Trash Attitude” is their first album and after listening to it, I have to say that I would have no problem if it also was their last.
It’s not that it’s a crap album but it’s just so damn mediocre that it winds up being unbearable. With a title like “White Trash Attitude” I would expect a little more... well, attitude. I found each and every track in there so flat and generic, they almost irritated me. The riffs, the melodies and the guitar solos are, without any exception, unimaginative and plainly boring.
Maybe, I would be willing to overlook some of all those things if they had a different singer. I mean even though the music is poor, it’s tolerable, it doesn’t make you want to tear your speakers apart. I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing about the singer' s voice. What I can and what I will say though is that it’s so bad that it’s irritating. It’s not that he’s off key at any point, it’s just that his voice, to put it plainly... didn’t measure up to my expectations. I had the misfortune of listening to “White Trash Attitude” through headphones, and that gave me the urge to rip my ears up.
So, you see what I meant when I said at the beginning that I wouldn’t care less if Seventh Veil never released another album. If it’s going to be as flat and as indifferent as “White Trash Attitude” the music world can definitely survive without it. Now, if they are willing to sit their asses down and try to record an album that does not sound like a 80’s hard rock tribute band compiled of a bunch of 14-year-olds, I’m willing to listen to it with absolute respect.