R.I.P. - In the Wind

R.I.P. In the Wind cover
In the Wind
Totem Cat Records
These chaps – or “Cretins” believe it or believe it not as their press release dubs them play some 1 $ recorded heavy doom that sounds like someone recorded some samey riffs inside a big tank. The singer sounds like a headier Ozzy, think of a lighter Electric Wizard, with the vocals mixed a bit higher…
Shit well people might actually like that, but on the other hand, I like whatever music actually produced to an acceptable standard, even if it wishes to sound retro. There are a ton of bands with that type of 70s groove that sound much-better. Well I guess the “In the Wind” trilogy as well as the soft instrumental interlude of “The Tombstone” and “Brave iIn the Grave” sort of do have some interesting moments, but this is just too “weedy” for me too appreciate.