Resonance Room - Untouchable Failure

Resonance Room Untouchable Failure cover
Resonance Room
Untouchable Failure
My Kingdom Music
Resonance Room are striking back with their second release 4 years after their debut album. Positively, more matured & mindful than before they’re making a step further in comparison to their debut. Their Katatonia, Anathema, Tiamat, Sentenced, Lake of Tears, To/Die/For, Type O Negative & Porcupine Tree influences among others are starting to take a better shape for the band’s own shake.
The music is gothic, atmospheric, melodic, heavy, a bit melancholic & dark, with a few doom and prog references. I kinda prefer the heavy gothic/atmospheric approach more for their singer’s “deep-toned” voice serves that music style better. “A Picture” & “Prometheus” are, possibly, the finest moments on the album… bringing To/Die/For on mind. The handful prog touches might be OK, but they do not add anything surprising to the final outcome. The production is heavy & tight as it should be for this kind of music.
A step closer to the right direction… is how I would call “Untouchable Failure”. The band is now where it should. They should build upon this work and come back with a third tempting album in every part. I think they can do it but as always it’s on their hand to make it or not. They must definitely decide where they should focus on musically and how to deliver even more engaging & gloomier music than before. Their time is now!