ReinXeed - A New World

ReinXeed A New World cover
A New World
Doolittle Group AB
It was about a year ago that I reviewed the band’s 5th release entitled “Welcome to the Theater”. The guys – mainly Tommy – never stop working and true to the annual appointment they’re back with the 6th album. Thus, what does this album have different from the others? Well, nothing really. The band plays its known heavy/power metal music with symphonic elements. That is exactly what they love doing and they do it. Nothing more or less.
It’s a fact that Tommy is a very talented guy. He’s not only a very good instrumentalist, singer & songwriter but also a great producer. He plays in more than 3-4 bands if I can recall and he does the productions for other acts as well. This guy never ceases to work, not for a moment. That’s the good part of it. Alternatively, if you’re a workaholic and you never stop to restrain your powers and inspiration (when it comes to music) then you may face a very unpleasant situation at a certain point.
That’s exactly what happens on “A New World”. Tommy has come up with some very generic tracks, uninspired melodies and to my surprise he has delivered a production which is weak, nerveless & poor. Why’s that?! I obviously cannot tell. The mixing is not good as well. There’s also a new bass player Christopher Davidsson (Oriz, Fuzzgod) & a new guitarist Alex Oriz on the band’s ranks but they were unlucky enough to make their debut on the band’s weakest album so far. ReinXeed were never a superb band, in any way, but they had a specific quality in their music and they always delivered OK albums. This, unfortunately, has changed with “A New World”. The only thing that saves this album from a total disaster is the actual good homonymous track, but due to the terrible production/mixing it doesn’t get as good as it could have been. Let’s just hope that this will only be a bad parenthesis on the group’s way…