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Bad Story
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Were I to guess where this band comes from, then I would have utterly failed! I would bet they were from EU or US but then again neither would be accurate. You see Reds’Cool took shape in 2011 & are coming from Russia but they do not sound like a Russian band at any rate! It’s true that the Russian scene keeps evolving year by year and lots of rock/metal bands are trying to adopt that West “look & sound”. Probably, their compatriots Gorky Park would be the best example of what to think of even though there are significant (but not major) music differences between those two bands.
Reds’Cool can be described as a hard rock band with various melodic rock, AOR, rock & hair metal elements. Certainly, the guys love the 80s hard rock and they pay their respects to it through their music since they’re influenced by acts like: Whitesnake, Danger Danger, Tyketto, Def Leppard, House of Lords, White Lion, Firehouse and so on. But do not take ‘em as another tribute or clone 80s hard rock band as they have added several contemporary passages to their music and their sound is very fresh and crispy. The album was mixed and mastered by the renowned Michael Wagener (Dokken, Accept, Motley Crue, Great White, Metallica, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., Poison, White Lion, Ozzy etc.) and recorded by Jack Benzin.
Undeniably, Reds’Cool carries on the Gorky Park legacy, that’s for sure. The guys are fairly good in what they do considering the fact that they have been around for only 2-3 years and this is their second release. Certainly, there’s room for future improvisation and that’s something encouraging. This is the kind of music you can listen to any time of the day and get a positive & uplifting vibe at large. For instance “Confession” is a wonderful mid-tempo melodo rock tune! Don’t let the band’s country of origin hold you back. These guys play really good. Perhaps if Reds’Cool were coming from the US or EU things would have been different and easier for them but since it’s the music that matters the most, do support these guys for they have nothing to be jealous of other bands.