Red Rose - On the Cusp of Change

Red Rose On the Cusp of Change cover
Red Rose
On the Cusp of Change
Scarlet Records
Act number 2 for this Israeli band and this time they took things one step further. They blended hard rock, heavy/power (sympho) metal, pomp rock, prog, melodic rock & pop-rock music. Having been around for only 3 years, they seem rather confident on what they are up to. The beautiful cover artwork, which was designed by Jobert Mello (Primal Fear, Sabaton, Benedictum etc.) had me waiting for another sympho/power metal group but thankfully things were somewhat different.
I must confess that there’s quite much diversity on this album. From melodic parts, to more heavy/power atmospheric ones, then a bit progy, back to metal and to mellow & pomp features. One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored while listening to this album. The blending is fine even though some songs aren’t as strong as others. “When Roses Faded”, “Original Sin”, “Alone in the Night” (this is the tune that Hammerfall haven’t written in years) & “This Bitter World” are the ones that distinct from the others. The renowned Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn) has taken care of the production and the result is superb. The drums were recorded by Matan Shmuely of Orphaned Land.
There’s some talent in this band, without any doubt. They do know what they wanna achieve and how to do it & they are getting really close. The third step will be like a barometer for the band cuz’ it will show if they can make it or not at long last. Up till then, you will totally find lots of good moments on “On the Cusp of Change”…