Reckless Love - InVader

Reckless Love InVader cover
Reckless Love
Metal Heaven
Reckless Love are a Finnish band that has been going on for a while, since 2001, but actually debuted in 2010 after several singles and a year and a half of their singer filling the shoes of the late Dave Leppard in Crashdiet in the late 00s and producing an album with them.
“InVader” is the fourth effort by the band and while it feels more inspired that say spirit, the band seems not able to produce one “mega-hit” like “Romance”, “Badass” or “Night on Fire”
Sure the wimpy wonder that “We are the Weekend” is, ain’t half as bad, but you’ve heard the band doing this much better and I can’t figure out who thought that that fanfare of horns on the chorus was a nice idea… No!
“Hands” continues the second rate “goodness” a song, you wouldn’t skip and you might enjoy the chorus a bit, or get your head nodding a bit, but not banging and dancing about. Also that Oliver dude always sounds overproduced, despite not needing to reach higher notes (that he never manages live anyway)…
“Monster” is more like it, even though it doesn’t manage to rise up that much or to differentiate itself... although the faux-munsters approach is sort of funny I guess…
“Child of the Sun” tries to be a “beach anthem” but ends up sounding more “Campari with Cock” in some bad cabaret than “Campari with coke” in a beach bar… really those airy falsettos and the “ai ai ai ai ai’s” are sort of gay and I don’t mean that in the colorful way, or even the sexual one, I mean they sound, lame as f@ck!
“Bullettime” begins with some insane lil’ riff, trying to imitate both Aerosmith and Def Leppard at their prime and not really succeeding in either, being utterly forgettable, despite the decent guitar. It shows how bad things are inspiration wise when the line “Sleaze-head, Bastard, Make-up, Mustard”? (a slang term for “Good”?) crops up… seriously?! Get a frigging rhyming dick-tionary kids!
“Scandinavian Girls” had me dreaming of sexy Swedish girls and expecting some ballsy tune, only to hear a totally harmonized Oliver Twisted singing in a way that makes One Direction sound like Death Metal… c’mon being a little “funky” or “poppy” is not a crime, but seriously this is weak even for trying to be “pop”, let alone hard rock/glam or what not…
Probably caught up too much in admiring themselves in the mirror while blowing their own trumpet, “Pretty Boy Swagger” takes a cue from things like Kid Rock, only much wimpier. A rather nice chorus, and a couple of decent verses are mucked up by the over-production that tries to sound “hip” but ends up sounding a mess that’s all over the place… a misguided attempt at best with a decent solo that however crops out of nowhere…
Deciding to get a bit more serious, “Rock It” could have been OK, if it didn’t rap for too long, before dropping the ball with a completely wimpy chorus… if this is how you “rock it”, oh “f#$k it!!!
“Destiny” is a melodic quasi power ballad that wouldn’t have felt out of place in one of the previous albums. A breath of “fresh” air and a track I could give a damn about.
“Let’s Get Cracking” gets the sound right, as it should be, but it’s decidedly second rate as a composition…
Lastly, “Keep It Up All Night” is a funky little number that sort of works miracles, its recycling ideas from a number of previous numbers and the “oh, lalala” bit feels a bit out of place, but at least it’s not the complete train-wreck that a lot of the previous numbers are.
A rather weak album with loads of second rate tracks and a few fillers, with the good tracks not being able to antagonize the bands own singles… but with an established crowd, it might not hurt them too bad, not unless they keep on bringing out half-baked albums in the future.