Rebellion - Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – the History of the Saxons

Rebellion Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – the History of the Saxons cover
Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – the History of the Saxons
Massacre Records
Rebellion was formed of the split in Grave Digger that occurred around the turn of the millennium with a couple of members naming their newest band after the most popular song from “Tunes of War”. A decade after their conception they suffered the synchronous exit of three of the band’s members from their ranks, including Uwe Lullis who is now in Accept but they made up the numbers and soldiered on releasing another album and now a further one. From day one they‘ve gotten themselves involved in “pseudo-historical” or “historical” concepts doing an album about Macbeth, and a trilogy about the Vikings.
On this seventh full-length studio release they seem to be getting their inspirations from stories about the Saxons… and even with all the lineup changes the style hasn’t changed much… their style is probably a bit more complex and a little more accomplished and heavier these days I‘d dare say, although they also seem to have slowed down their output as well.
You are to expect some pretty standard Teutonic Metal with the occasional spoken parts, which really don’t sound too convincing at all… but which isn’t that bad after all. It just cannot be considered too original and groundbreaking but it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Be it the riffy “Sahsnotas”, the hard hitting “Take to the Sea”, the muscular and stomping “Hengist” and so on… the band rarely disappoints but hardly ever excites, sounding more like a second rate knock off of Grave Digger with a less recognizable but good enough singer. If you like the “Accept meets Digger” school of metal, this will do just fine.