Rebel Beat - Steel Dust

Rebel Beat Steel Dust cover
Rebel Beat
Steel Dust
Pavement Entertainment
I could clearly tell Rebel Beat (a Goo Goo Dolls song reference?) were not Americans right off the bat, but initially I could not tell where they’re from. Initially I thought Italy, but after a search it was proven to be actually Moscow, Russia. Oops, just 1000 or more miles to the East then... my mistake.
Somehow, these five Ruskies manage to sound quite convincing, in their “modern” rock… that is pretty reminiscent of both Linkin Park, before they started sucking completely and I’d say Deftones… primarily. They have the style figured out pretty well and they are able to come up with a slant that appears to be quite original, but where they lose big, is production. With their averagely good production values, they can’t even come close to the massively compressed, modern and perfectly tuned sound of the bigger bands of the modern forefront of rock, so they inherently sound a lot less impressive.
Fair effort, without really managing to stand out in a big way or to have some incredibly catchy single, but really quickly hitting dirt, when production comes into focus. Maybe in the future?