Rebecca Downes - Believe

Rebecca Downes Believe cover
Rebecca Downes
Real2Reel Records/Mad Hat Records
Rebecca Downes returns with her sophomore album only a year or so after her debut “Back to the Start” in 2015. I guess when you’re an ambitious musician like Rebecca you leave no time and you work intensively for your own benefit… and that’s the right thing to do.
Rebecca Downes is a gifted vocalist & songwriter from the UK, who started her musical journey, with her own band, almost 5 years ago. Rebecca’s music style is an amalgam of blues-rock, rock, classic rock, R&B, soul, jazz-rock and funky music… the protagonist in this music amalgam is, undoubtedly, Rebecca’s amazing voice. “Believe” was written by Rebecca with co-writer Steve Birkett (guitars) and produced by Mark V Stuart (Magnum, Jim Lea, Diamond Head and more). The production is clear and full.
Apart from the obvious blues-rock, funky and groovy moments, “Believe” has also its laid-back and more emotional ones, like “It’s That Easy”, “Sailing on a Pool of Tears”, “Could Not Say No” & “Come with me Baby”, which are very tasteful on the whole. Rebecca shines throughout the album but also the band that backs her up, Steve Birkett on guitar & vocals, Rick Benton on keys, Dan Clark on bass & Lloyd Daker on drums, is remarkable too. I do understand that such kind of music is experienced in full when live on stage and I do tell you not to miss the chance to catch them up if they play nearby.
Nonetheless, “Believe” is a well-crafted album that will gratify the fans of the specific genre. If you do fancy great female blues/rockin’ voices then you can’t go wrong with this album…