Razzmattazz - Rock N Roll Hero

Razzmattazz Rock N Roll Hero cover
Rock N Roll Hero
Good Night Music Records
Well how many “zz” or “tt” does the word Razzmattazz have? There are a couple of bands out there that you can only tell them apart from the zz’s or the tt’s they do or do not have. Anyhow, this newcomer German trio consists of singer/guitarist Tom Schaupp, a Swabian-born original, bass player Timothy Toing, an English man whose parents brought him to Southern Germany when he was a child, and Canadian drummer Matthew Sting who made himself home in the city of Nurnberg. That’s what I call a multi-cultural band, huh?!
Blending various influences from their beloved bands like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Krokus, Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Rhino Bucket & Nazareth among others, they try to present their own musical perspective. Of course that’s not easy, especially in this music genre on the whole but that’s another story. The production is rather lively & dynamic as it should be for this kind of music.
While “Rock N Roll Hero” is a fairly solid album, with nice tunes, it does not offer anything new, rather than 60 minutes of pure hard rock & roll music. And that’s exactly where the guys have gone wrong according to me. The album is too long for this music style and you kinda feel you had enough until the very end. Anyway, if you like the abovementioned bands & want your rock & roll music to be a bit harder and vigorous then “Rock N Roll Hero” can offer you all that eventually…