Ravensire - The Cycle Goes On

Ravensire The Cycle Goes On cover
The Cycle Goes On
Cruz Del Sur Music
Ravenshire is a Portuguese quarter performing some epic metal in a style not to dissimilar to Ironsword (Rick Thor did serve as a vocalist for them) and Wrathblade (but with better vocals than either – in the case of Ironsword Tann). You know a bit more simplistic and for the most part mid-tempo Omen, Manowar & Brocas Helm type of thing, with mediocre vocals (which in the case of Ravensire are not absolutely horrible, but nor really anything to write home about either… I’d say think of a slightly deeper, less German Chris Boltendahl type of vocal...
This is their third overall release and second album in five or so years and they offer a number of decent songs on it, like the pounding opener “Cromlech Revelations” and the more pulsating “Crosshaven”. “Solitary Vagrant” offers some more speed and some nice leads, while “Procession of the Dead”, despite having a series of epic riffs at the beginning that are quite reminiscent of “Misirlou” played much slower, is quite atmospheric. “Trapped in Dreams” is faster and more concrete and the album concludes with the “White Pillars” trilogy, storytelling the history behind some ancient ruins (of a watchtower) off the coastline of Sintra, a city not too far from Lisbon that seems to have a rich history from the Roman times, to being invaded by “Vikings” etc…
Epic metal fans can proceed without “fear”... the rest might want to first check it out.