RavenEye - Nova

RavenEye Nova cover
Frontiers Music Srl
One of the latest signings of Frontiers is RavenEye, a UK-based rock trio consisting of guitarist/singer Oli Brown, along with drummer Kev Hickman and Aussie bassist Aaron Spiers, that despite their youth sounds rather timeless and huge sounding, for a trio, all things considered.
They sound like the perfect mix between the songwriting and tale-telling of Thin Lizzy, with some serious Zeppelin vibe, a combination that could not only appeal to old rockers but also to the stoner crowd, as the band’s slow burning riffs and overall appeal make em an all-around bunch of rockin muthas. In fact, I was thinking how much better Slash might have been off, if he had hired this Oli guy instead of the very nasal Myles Kennedy, who might be quite charismatic, but is nowhere near as solid as this guy.
Even though the band delivers the payload of the album early on, with the opening trio of songs, the awesome “Wanna Feel You”, the more modern, but too cool for school “Come With Me” and the rather quirky “Inside”, there are still enough songs on it, like the really creeping and screaming “Oh My Love”, the quite cool “Madeline” and the smooth but epic closer “Eternity” that make it all work and not bore the listener. Quite interesting band with great potential, says I.