Raspberry Park - At Second Glance

Raspberry Park At Second Glance cover
Raspberry Park
At Second Glance
Power Prog
Raspberry Park are a Danish bunch and they indulge in some edgy melodic hard rock… think Def Leppard of the new millennium crossed with the classic “Scandi” sound, with an authority that’s hard to deny and the necessary chops. I’d say that there are bands which do this a bit better, ie UK Leppard offspring Summers, but other than them there’s hardly anyone that has managed to pull a Lepp close enough.
Obviously copying a band’s style and mannerisms can be OK and even flattering, but it all largely depends on the songwriting ability of the band miming. It can end up sounding like a decent “tribute” ie Airbourne or a bad aping copy, ie Bullet.
Raspberry Park, thankfully, do not fall in the category of hapless copycats but seem to have a fair bit of their own personality as well as more grit, than you’d expect from a band that really seems to be largely following a certain “masterplan”. Basically they sound like what Leppard might have turned into had their post “Adrenalize” experimenting been successful, a somewhat heavier but still largely melodic and energetic five piece that has no problem to rock it up.
The album is very solid almost from start to finish, with songs like “Spinning Wheel” (amazing) and “Take It back” really satisfying the rocker in me, while others like “Alive”, “Free Birds” and “Look My Way” however more contemporary sounding – being also pretty good. There are also ballads like “Madeleine” and “Sleep with the Lights On” that round of the album nicely with some more melodic moments…
Antagonizing a new Leppard release that only came out last month was never gonna be an easy task, but these Danes don’t seem to have trouble with it, delivering an album that really rocks hard and brims with quality songwriting and ultimately that’s what you should be interested in, not whose name’s on the cover. If it rocks, let it roll!