Ranger - Speed & Violence

Ranger Speed & Violence cover
Speed & Violence
Spinefarm Records
Ranger is a Helsinki based outfit that seems to be big fans of bands like Slayer (“Show No Mercy” era), Exciter, Sodom and the likes, with the balance tipping mostly towards the Americans, as they ape most of their trademarks, well enough, but without much originality.
They say that mimicking is the highest form of flattery, but I doubt someone was waiting with baited breath for a decent early Slayer clone in 2016, but a clone none the less.
The “intro” is a bit of sideshow music leading into the very primal and old school, Slayer inspired “Speed & Violence” that’s speed metal with annoying peaked falsettos, that just don’t sound as cool as Araya’s yells on say “Tormentor”.
“Without Warning” is dirtier, in a way that pays tribute equally to Motorhead, Sodom and Venom.
“Demon Wind” again tips towards early Slayer, as does the title track “Lethal Force”… with slight hues of Exciter crawling in as well.
“Satanic Panic” is more of the same, break-necking, headbanding delirium, but not really making you go; wow, this is something really cool and original…. Cool, yeah, pretty much, original… no, by a long mile.
“Evil Barrier” is a short and kinda relaxed guitar interlude, before the “Night Slasher” rides out. And you can guess the gruesome results… initially “Shock Troops” seems to be heavier and slower but soon the delusion is dispelled, as it follows suit and join all the other speed paeans.
“Last Breath” manages to differentiate itself a tiny bit, by going for a more “Hell Awaits” type of sound and I’m guessing more of that would be something that would vast improve the band’s overall appeal, which might be as limited as it’s speed/thrash focus, but wouldn’t hurt from a bit more variance, while still firmly remaining rooted within its sub-genre’s rules.
Fairly decent, especially if you like early Slayer, but not too original, pretenders to the throne of Hell…