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Ramon Ortiz
Independent Release
Ramon Ortiz is a guitar virtuoso who comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. During the 90s he formed the band Puya and later, in early 00s, he also formed Ankla. In 2012, Ramon released his first solo album entitled “Ortiz”.
It’s true that Ramon is a gifted guitarist that blends various music styles, such as fusion, jazz, metal, rock & folk along with various Latin American/Spanish elements. His shredding moments will remind you of guitarists like Satriani or Vai among others. “Portal” features guest appearances by Paoli Mejias (Santana), Andy Simounet, Ian Santiago, Jonathan Ortiz, Oscar Santiago, Giovanni Martinez, Ramon Ortiz Senior, Red Latu and Joey. The production is very good although I think the rhythm guitars could have been a tad heavier & tighter at places.
Both the instrumental tracks and the ones that contain vocals are enjoyable. I really fancy those tracks where metal tracks with progressive bits are embellished with Latin rhythms & elements. I won’t say that “Portal” only addresses guitarists or guitar freaks in general cuz it doesn’t. It’s an album that’s not hard to comprehend and that’s why it will gratify all those fans who like their rock & metal music to be blended with Latin themes. Ramon is a talented guitarist, who dares to bring two different “music worlds” together… which, in truth to be told, do have quite a few similarities and their blending is rather smooth & easy on the ear… so do not be afraid to try it out.