Quartz - Fear No Evil

Quartz Fear No Evil cover
Fear No Evil
High Roller Records
Quartz is a weird little case. They started out as a cabaret band in 74 as Bandy Legs; they debuted in 1977 and released a couple of well-received albums in the late 70s and early 80s, only to disband shortly after their third album.
Dave Garner, who sung with them in between the second album and the live one, but had never had something committed on an album, finally get his chance here and he’s fairly good, a good fit with the overall sound of the band that still comprises of the original members all these years alter and after coming back together in 2011 for a cancer charity.
A few more gigs followed along with anthologies etc. and before they knew it the band started recording new material – which is now presented in the form of “Fear No Evil” (not to be confused with the other FNO)… at any rate the band is pretty true to its original sound with Garner sounding like a slightly more subdued Ozzy of sorts and the overall sound again hints to the early 80s style.
If you ever liked the band and like Ozzy led Sabbath’s more straightforward rock tracks, you’ll probably like this album quite a bit. It’s pretty good fun and there’s hardly a bad song on here.