Pyogenesis - A Silent Soul Screams Loud

Pyogenesis A Silent Soul Screams Loud cover
A Silent Soul Screams Loud
AFM Records
Pyogenesis are surely a weird band they started as a melodic death band, went through an alternative phase during their commercial peak, a couple of them formed the one hit wonder band Liquido, who came up with the novel love song/ode to cocaine, “Cocaine” and still Pyogenesis who got a fair bit of ridicule for their choices and that weird cover of “unpop” just kept on going.
Weirdly the singer, who also was working for Nuclear Blast, to whom the band were signed to, after their debut, founded his own company but the band stopped producing new material in the early 00s, instead concentrating on touring. In all reality, I thought they were disbanded, but apparently the band has been consistently active and with their signing to AFM Records, began a trilogy of politically conscious album, with 2015’s “A Century un the Curse of Time” that was followed in 2017 by “A Kingdom to Disappear” and now comes to a close with “A Silent Soul Screams Loud”.
The themes tackled are downright odd… as is the band’s current style that varies greatly from song to song… ie the catchy opener “Survival of the Fittest” sounded to my ears like a mix of Sum41 and the Inchtavoktables, but the epic sounding “Mother Bohemia” takes that style several steps beyond, blastbeating it into melodic death metal for a tiny bit and mellowing it out again, for reasons that only the band must be aware.
“I Can’t Breathe” (Prologue & Monlogue – 2 separate tracks) is pretty idiosyncratic, sounding like an ultra-melodic SYL minus the virtuosity.
“High Old Time” is pop rock n roll, while “Modern Prometheus” a track that must refer to “Frankenstein” allegorically is punkpop-ish?
“Will I Ever Be the Same” just mixes it all, the melodic pop punk, with alternative and melodic goth death growls ala Creamtory… yet what took me completely by surprise was the closer “The Capital (A Silent Soul Screams Loud)”, a 14 minutes quite involved and at times pretty epic track about Karl Marx and his most famous work “The Capital”. I mean WTF!!!
Better than I don’t remember them. I mean the band did start out when I started listening to metal back in the early 90s and as far as I can recall, I mildly liked a couple of songs from “SXRN”, but I certainly wasn’t a “fan”. I could listen to them nowadays without denying them a certain ability to be catchy and they’re obviously competent enough and professional after 30 years, but I still wouldn’t consider myself a “fan”.
A casual listening experience by a rather idiosyncratic band with a more than adventurous career that never quite exploded like the two members, offshoot, one hit wonder band. Well at least these guys persevered, for better or for worse.