Prime Creation - Tears of Rage

Prime Creation Tears of Rage cover
Prime Creation
Tears of Rage
Silent Wall Productions
Prime Creation is a Swedish metal band that has been around for almost five years and three of its members come from the now defunct Morifade, that go way back to the mid-90s. Their style is an energetic and quite dramatic power metal, with decent but not stellar vocals, that however are a blessing in disguise, as the amount of bad smurf-y power metal and sab par epic metal these days are going through the roof.
Thankfully these guys are going for a more Masterplan, Jorn-early, and Evergrey sort of sound. Melodic power metal that doesn’t become too flowery. Their vocalist Esa Englund is probably the weakest link. Not bad per ce, he sounds both limited in range, as well as kind of generic, with a timbre that’s not terrible, at least as the vocal production and overall mix, that aren’t anything to write home about. I guess those might be some of the reasons why they’re not exactly able to pull it off, as well as most of the aforementioned bands are.
While musically they are quite adept and most of the songs have a basic premise that allows them to flow, with songs like “Lost in the Shades” and “Tears of Rage” being among the better ones, they have the same issue that plagues a lot of Evergrey songs and that is that their choruses are not “that” clearly defined. I suppose it sort of works for the other Englund, but not so much for Esa and these guys. Worth a listen, but they might want to go back to the drawing or at least to the mixing board imho.