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A Perfect Day
A Perfect Day
Frontiers Records
I’m quite sure, judging by the names which created this project, that the fans would probably expect something rather different from what they get here. Firstly, I have to say that A Perfect Day took shape by Andrea Cantarelli, who is the guitarist on Labyrinth along with his band mate singer/bassist Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Mangala Vallis). The third member of the APD is the drummer Alessandro Bissa (Labyrinth, Vision Divine). Well, were you to guess the kind of music this trio plays, what would you say? Hmm, probably heavy-power metal music… it’s fairly rational but wrong.
The guys chose to play a somewhat modern hard rock music with post-grunge, alternative & pop rock influences. Does it sound good? In good conscience, no. But then again it isn’t repelling. It kinda stands in the middle. It has a very good & modern production, the songwriting is so and so and after a few spins it becomes a bit bland. I do not think that any of the Labyrinth or Vision Divine fans will be able to follow that band. It’s totally out of their waters. Alternatively, it’s hard for Alter Brigbe, Stone Sour, Shinedown, etc. fans to appreciate a band like APD that consists of exclusively metal guys. Hence, who’s left to back ‘em up?
I can remember several artists in the past trying to approach other – different – audiences and getting a grip in the end. What do you expect will happen with APD? Will they be among the elite of modern hard rock, alternative, post-grunge bands and taste fame & fortune? Once they see that nothing’s happening, they will return to their beloved metalheads that will always be there to support ‘em. Till then let APD enjoy their “new ride”…