Palace - Rock and Roll Radio

Palace Rock and Roll Radio cover
Rock and Roll Radio
Frontiers Music
New album for Palace, the third in a row, and this time Michael has managed to come closer to the music vision he has for Palace… to capture all the things he likes about the 80s rock music in general. Then again, apart from the massive 80s influences and the nostalgic feeling, “Rock and Roll Radio” does have a contemporary and fresh sound on the whole.
Michael has also produced, mixed and mastered the album. He has taken care of every little detail and now I can easily say that apart from a splendid songwriter and a talented musician, he’s also a great producer. All you have to do is play any song from the album and you will get a taste of your own.
There are many AOR/Melodic rock albums that are out the last years, but only a handful of them manage to have the fancy melodies and the music quality of the 80s and the 90s releases. You do not have to be totally “retro” so as to create music like the one there used to be back in the 80s and 90s… and “Rock and Roll Radio” proves that completely, cuz they don’t lose freshness at any point. I do think that Michael has come up with the best Palace release to date. If you’re an AOR/Melodic rock fan, then you should listen to this album without further ado! After all you’ll feel utterly excited when listening to songs like “Castaway”, “Way Up There”, “Cold Ones”, “Eleonora”, “My Gray Cloud”, “Origin of Love” and “She’s So Original”